The main purpose of the application is to facilitate the care of skin and hair. Nowadays, we don't have time to do research before buying cosmetics and remember to take care of it regularly. And the excess of information from every side overwhelms us. The application is friendly also for users who have little knowledge about selfcare. Communication is supposed to be loose and very friendly, so that the user feels comfortable taken care of.
Main functionalities: 
● Care calendar, reminders 
● Virtual avatars whose appearance depends on what the user adds to the calendar 
● Cosmetics ingredients scanner
● Recommendations of products tailored to the user's preferences (type of skin, hair, previously used products, data collected when using the application)
Target group
The application is mainly aimed at women aged 18-35. Both for people who are interested in conscious care, but also for laymen. The app is supposed to be simple enough that the user can take care of the condition of hair and complexion without advanced knowledge.
An exemplary persona
Anna, 25 years old, Warsaw
Ania is a medical student, lives in the big city, rents an apartment with her friend. After school she works in a coffee shop. Nor is there enough time to organize good skin and hair care. Searching groups on Facebook in search of the perfect cosmetics, or remembering to use the scrub once in the week. At the same time, Anna, as a young person, would also like to take care of her appearance and well-being. The application would help the busy Anna in planning good care without sacrificing for it a lot of time.
Icon design
Icon design


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